Ignacio Uriarte

About lines and circles

NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona
Nov 29 - Jan 19, 2008

NoguerasBlanchard is proud to present the first exhibition in the gallery of Ignacio Uriarte (1972, Krefeld, Germany).

NoguerasBlanchard is proud to present the first exhibition in the gallery of Ignacio Uriarte. About lines and circles comprises two new works Compass work (2007) a software projection and From 8b to 6h (2007) a set of 15 monochrome drawings in different types of pencil lead.

Uriarte’s practice develops around a particular semantic field: the artificial environment of the workplace. The artist takes as his subject the anecdotal daily activities that take place in the office routine. The small creative moments in an ordinary office work day – the absentminded scribbles made during a telephone conversation, ripping off a page in a notebook or making chains with paperclips- are Uriarte’s main interest, as he focuses on the creative process and “artistic” aspect in these spontaneous gestures. Using tools and methods akin to an office employee such as computer programmes or BIC pens and embracing an aesthetic of formal simplicity and chromatic limitation, the artist creates what he calls “office art”.

The systematic repetition of these activities according to predefined rules turn them into meta-routines; rituals that reenact the myth of Sisyphus. a metaphor for modern man’s futile and repetitive labour. In From 8b to 6h the paper acquires a density which pulsates with the rythm of the gestures that have marked it, while registering in detail the toilsome and mechanic work inherent in its production. The software projection, Compass work shows a circle on ruled paper floating accross the screen in different directions, constrained inside its margins and sentenced to an arduous existence in the most literal sense.

The pencil marks left on the paper in From 8b to 6h, in varying degrees of softness and hardnessare, show traces of a methodical movement of growth and decrease. In a similar way, the circles shooting rythmically across the screen give shape to a geometric universe of seriality and repetition. Uriarte’s work shows clear references to the conceptual and minimal art of the 60s and 70s such as Agnes Martin and Alighiero Boetti, a period marked by the dematerialization of the art object in the art world and by the substitution of products by services in the business world.

Ignacio Uriarte’s recent exhibitions include El dibujo por delante, CGAC, Santiago de Compostela (2007); Mirador07, Intermediae/Matadero, Madrid; Processos Oberts 4, Terrassa (2007). He has received fellowships from MUSAC, León (2006) and CAM (2007). Upcoming projects in 2008 include an exhibition in Laboratorio987, MUSAC.

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